About MagarUSA

Magar Association USA, Inc. (MagarUSA), formerly Langhali Association USA, Inc., is a non-profitable, non-political, charitable, humanitarian and secular organization established in New York City on March 28, 2004. It has been officially registered in the state of New York on August 30, 2004. MagarUSA is dedicated to the preservation of the culture and existence of Magar people back in Nepal and those who have been residing in the United States of America.

The challenge for us is to preserve the better part of Magar culture, for the future generations, which we, Magar people, developed since time immemorial, while catching up with all the advances in this modern age.
In this website, you will find information on our history and culture as well as programs designed to support the mission. We also invite Magar Bandhus and other friends of the United States to join the organization and contribute your own unique perspective!
The primary objectives of this organization are as following:

  • To maintain coordination and cooperation among the Magars living in The United States of America;
  • To work for the preservation and promotion of linguistic and cultural heritage among the Magars by organizing seminars, cultural programs in different parts of USA, inviting musicians, artists and experts in their respective fields;
  • To make charitable contributions to assist Magars of Nepal during natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies;
  • To work with its counterpart organization in Nepal, such as “MAGAR SANGH” to co- finance deserving projects including education for women, girls and brilliant boys from poor families and health care for remote Magar villages etc.
  • To establish broader relationship with other Nepalese organizations in USA.
  • To maintain a website for information sharing with the broader American society in general and its members in particular.
  • MagarUSA has been organizing various cultural activities during annual program, fundraisings, picnics and gatherings throughout the year. It has also been participating in many events organized by other communities. And, Thank you very much for visiting our website. We will update it regularly with news and information concerning our programs and projects. Our website is designed, developed and maintained by The Magars Creation!.

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